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basket hang firmly above the capital. “Get ready.” Yet? “Pull up the valve,” Lightning nodded. Then she only heard a buzzing sound, and the heavy projectile had separated from the gondola and fell straight down. Due to the sudden decrease in weight, the hot air balloon rose sharply for a while. For the next steps, she was already well-versed. The deceleration parachute at the end of Dongfeng No. 1 was opened under the action of the air current, and the lightning quickly caught up with the bomb and began to correct its trajectory little by little. It’s no stranger to say that they spent several months hiding in the slums of this city during their journey to find the sacred mountain in the wilderness. One was to collect food, and the other was to solicit new blood. Soroya and Echo were there. During this period, I joined the Mutual Aid Association. Although Lightning has not experienced this personally, he often hears them mention that compared with other cities, the king’s arrest of witches is very strict. In the terraced square of the outer city, there are witches almost every month. They were put to death. Therefore, they stayed here for the shortest time, because every extra day they stayed, they would have to bear the pain of the death of their sisters. Lightning didn’t have any favor with this prosperous capital. If they could throw the bomb on top of Tiffec’s head, To completely end his rule, she would be very willing to do so, replacing Roland to govern the Greycastle Kingdom, surely none of these tragedies will happen, right? She now has a chance to correct her mistakes. The scene continues to expand, and the details of the palace in the inner city are also displayed in front of the lightning. Compared with the low houses inhabited by civilians, the palace is much larger in scale-its main body consists of a domed hall, a banquet building, and a tall building. The tower is composed of a castle, and the rest of the auxiliary houses such as stables, barracks, warehouses, etc. have everything. Considering t