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ero was fostered by her parents, so she was a tenant. Really, then you have to take good care of her. Why is that a dream? But don’t you mean that it’s the same as reality? If that’s the case, why bother to distinguish whether it’s a dream. Roland once again marveled at Anna’s different thinking from ordinary people. The chat content seemed to be running wildly in the direction of derailment. With an interesting tone, he didn’t bother to mind these details. From the building of the soul to the memory fragment, and then from the force of nature to the martial arts association, at the end of the chat, Anna’s voice gradually sinks. She is resting on Roland’s arm, her chest rises and falls slightly, and her breathing becomes more and more stable. But his hand held his waist firmly, as if he didn’t want to let him go, so he couldn’t return to the bedroom without disturbing her. Forget it, just stay here for the night, hope no one will notice him coming out of the bedroom on the second floor tomorrow morning. Roland kissed Anna’s smooth forehead, hugged her and fell asleep together. Two books recommend two books: The Sage and the Girl The story of an uncle sage traveling with a little apprentice Loli, it can be regarded as a very exquisite article written in the Western fantasy genre of Cold Weapon. Another legendary thief, a fast-paced and refreshing article that travels to other worlds. If you are interested, you can read it: Chapter 712: Military Parade Plan Chapter 712 On the second day of the military parade plan, Roland got up very late as usual. When he woke up, Anna beside him was gone, only a few fine flax hairs fell from his arms, and a reassuring scent. There was a breakfast next to the bedside table, apparently she brought it from the kitchen, and there was a note on the plate with a short line of writing on it: “Knowing you like to sleep late, I won’t eat it with you. “At this time, I still don’t forget to work, and getting up on time can only say that she is really a serious person. Roland shook his