d’s safety was more important

e’s expression. I left the diplomatic building on the 76th, from the second floor corridor Jumped out of the window. The latter replied. Oh, Nightingale raised her eyebrows, aren’t all those windows sealed with iron railings, it’s probably rusty, and the whole window frame fell off after shaking. Sylvie stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, looking down at the city slowly looming into the darkness. She turned over the wall, but the guard at the door did not notice any movement. But we found out that Nightingale couldn’t help raising her mouth. She really had a problem. Because Roland’s safety was more important, she called Sylvie to monitor the visit of the group directly in the castle office. No signs were observed in the morning, everything was normal. After the Wolfheart Witches had their lunch, the 76th suddenly showed an uncomfortable appearance. The mouth shape of the dialogue seemed to be exhausted from sleepless nights. In the end, under the persuasion of everyone, she lay down on the bed in the bedroom and missed the afternoon visit. Nightingale originally thought that this day would be spent peacefully, but she did not expect that when dusk approached, she had unexpected new behavior. You really guessed it, Roland closed the book with great interest, but an ordinary person can actually evade your lie detection, and is considered a wizard. Nightingale coughed twice, and sooner or later I would figure out how she did it after I caught her. No. 76 was moving south along the small street outside the castle area. When she stopped by the street, Sylvie went on to report. It looked like she was waiting for someone with no magic power and no weapons on her body. , Either for intelligence, or colluding with others, trying to plan a major event, Nightingale’s fighting spirit analyzed that if it is the former, it should be lurking a little longer, so impatient, maybe tonight It’s time to do it. Sylvie asked who was going to deal with. Uh, well, I’ll find out later. After a quarter of an hour, Sylvie’s v