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possible opportunity, but it made her feel warm. . Closing her eyes, her mind couldn’t help but reflect the look of Jasmine when she handed the salted fish to her. This is probably the taste of hope. That night, Sylvie confirmed her guess. She is pregnant. Congratulations, Roland, who learned the news the next day, patted Catlannis with an excited face, but there are still months before the birth of the child, so don’t delay your work. Before giving birth, I will give you a long vacation and let you spend it with her. Yes, His Majesty Carter stroked his chest and said loudly. By the way, Roland suddenly thought of a very important thing about how to give birth to a child. Is there a midwife in Neverwinter City, the chief knight of midwife asked in confusion, what is the person who delivered the baby. When the child is born, someone has to help deal with it. While answering, Roland searched for the memories of the next four princes, and found that the palace instructor had not taught the relevant knowledge. You can’t let the woman cut the child’s umbilical cord by herself. This kind of thing is usually done by the elders, and most of them have had it. Similar experience. If there were no such elders, Carter was stunned, and I am not sure. The luxuriant aristocratic family naturally does not lack manpower, but the common people certainly do not have such conditions. It has only been one year since the establishment of Neverwinter City. Most of the population comes from recruitment and migration, and births are rare. However, once residents’ lives are stabilized, the fertility rate will definitely rise sharply. It is foreseeable that from next year, a large number of new lives will come to this world every year. The problem is that Neverwinter City does not yet have a reliable medical system. Nor can it be blamed on Roland’s negligence. This thing is also not available in other cities. All people can do after illness is to pray to the sky, or take out a few silver wolves and buy some weird herbs from the pharmacist