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at survive, the more raw materials they have to make the God’s Punishment Army. Why do they even have to block this news? Could it be that in these four hundred years, the Starfall City Witch has deviated from Master Akalis’s will? “However, the day of adulthood is not the end of the witch’s ability. Beyond the solidification of adulthood, there is the ability to evolve,” Wendy continued. “There is no limit to the number of times of evolution, nor is it limited to the original ability. Strengthen your understanding of yourself and magic, and your abilities will continue to evolve.” “Really?” Amy said excitedly, “Can someone like me evolve?” “Of course, as long as you work hard,” said When she got here, she took out a thin silver plate embedded with red spar and raised her head and said, “Come to me, I want to introduce you to the new sisters.” That is the sign of listening! The pupils of No. 76 suddenly shrank. Why would the Wild Witch possess the heritage of the Holy City of Taqila? No they do With this opportunity, for example, finding one or two remaining listening symbols from the ruins scattered across the Witch Empire also made sense. It’s just that this standard equipment is generally only distributed to the samurai samurai. In her impression, the Quest has never made such a simple listening symbol. Seriously, it even looked a bit like an unfinished product, like a test product made temporarily by a witch. As soon as the words of the red-haired witch fell, the figure in the sky rushed down and quickly fell on top of her head. It was a cute little blonde girl, and her pet, a plump white dove. Everyone was taken aback, as if they hadn’t recovered from the spar that could make a sound by itself. “Meeting for the first time, hello,” the little girl smiled brightly, “My name is Lightning, and I am the greatest explorer in Neverwinter City!” “I am Maisie! Cuckoo!” The pigeon followed her wings. “My God, the bird is talking!” Amy’s eyes widened. “They are witches,” Annie said calmly, “Abilities should be related