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the reasons for the disappearance of the Chosen in her heart, even including Roland privately imprisoning the witch as a plaything and concealing it from the Witch League. Conjecture about the truth of the matter. Therefore, when Wendy and Agatha came to the diplomatic building early the next morning, Phyllis revealed a rare fatigue. The mental wastage is a great burden for the soul. She knew that her control over the body was declining. Even the hands and feet have lost their previous flexibility. But she also knew that she couldn’t close her eyes anyway before hearing the result. Cutting off consciousness can only temporarily get rid of the shackles of the body, but the soul is still awake, unless it is transferred to the magic container, otherwise shrinking into the consciousness is just tantamount to deceiving herself, Phyllis even vaguely missed her “long sleep”. The result was” “We found the beam of light you said.” Unexpectedly, Agatha’s first words would break the burden on her heart. Phyllis blinked for fear that she had heard it wrong, and again Asked again in a low voice, “Like a wall of light.” “Yes, like a wall of light, it does exist in the castle,” Wendy said. “But we can’t be sure that he is the chosen one.” Also. That is to say, she heard that they found the owner of the orange light. “It’s not wrong.” Feilisi felt a voice cheering in her heart, praising the gods and praising the holy city of Taqila. “If it can emit like this Guangzhu, then it must be the Chosen one we are looking for. Is she a high-level witch? What’s her name?” However, the other party didn’t answer immediately, but showed a strange expression as if he wanted to laugh, and was rather helpless. “Uh, I’m afraid this will disappoint you.” Wendy covered the corner of her mouth and coughed slightly. “Is there something wrong with the colorful magic stone?” Agatha returned the ring to her, “I think it’s better for you to contact Pasha as soon as possible.” What happened to the question? Wait, Phyllis suddenly felt something in he