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otine. Except for him, the rest are basically dead ends. Perhaps he is the one who should stay the most to attract the attention of the pursuers. Yorko had tried to stand up several times, but his fear made his feet unable to move at all, and he couldn’t say that sentence until the end. The ambassador is the face of the king, and I cannot be caught by them to laugh and insult, because it is equivalent to insulting the King of Greycastle. He had to comfort himself so much, if he didn’t think so, he couldn’t even look directly into the eyes of No. 76. Damn, she was just a slave she bought back. Yorko walked up to Seventy Six and was about to say something. The other party had already spoken first, “My lord, this is my own choice. Black money has nothing to do-although silver face always teaches us to always be prepared to sacrifice for black money, I don’t like it at all. I thought I would stay underground for the rest of my life, to please those guests, and when I was old, I would become a new silver noodle, or be assigned as a handyman, and never see the sun. But you took me away from there, so that I can feel the vast world outside, I have no regrets. Go into the woods, it’s too late. “But” “Thank you, sir,” No.76 smiled, “Without your words, I might have been killed in an underground cave long ago. This life belongs to you.” And I don’t necessarily have an accident. If there is a chance, let’s see you in Greycastle. “My lord, you have to go,” Brother Chaum urged behind him. Yokoo took a deep breath and turned to leave. That’s right, she was just a slave. This is the most appropriate choice. Thinking of this, she felt like in her heart. Before entering the woods, Yokoo finally turned his head and saw that the convoy had been slowly advancing under the drive of No. 76. She did not stop or wave goodbye, as if it was just a simple one. It’s just a farewell. Just like the reason she stood up. Soon, the shadow of the tree obscured his sight. ******************* The team did not keep the team on the 76th. Go on. Afte