hocked by the daring of these people. Abu waved his fists in angrily, every one of them wanted to wipe the oil and water, and didn’t look at where it was, but if I wanted to say it was owed. Hang them up and hang them for public next time! The lord sneered, and then said, to collect taxes on Lao Tzu, this Vagrant Governor really dared to open a dyeing workshop by giving him three points. If you don’t embarrass him a little bit, this guy doesn’t know what a local snake is! Yes. Annie immediately expressed her support. The few people who screamed the most fiercely just now looked at each other, not knowing what to say. After all, the tax official represents the governing authority of the governor, and it is not a big problem to not get caught in private. But hanging up to show the public is just a naked propaganda, and the degree of boldness is not on the same level. Cough. Buckland felt outrageous the more he listened, and quickly coughed twice, everyone still quickly discussed the matter, should he call Seedorf back to the staff? All garrisons in the New World must also be recalled. Richard nodded first, and then shook his head, but our Alpine Fort lacked defensive depth, so we could only defend the line of the Rage River, and Seedorf could hardly find a way. In fact, Seedorf is quite capable. Buckland sighed sincerely. He saw clearly that since Seedorf took over the command of the two gaps, he was actually responsible for recruit training. The construction of the chain of command, the training of grassroots officers, and the design of tactical tactics for the detachments are much more formal than before. The entire Ripper has benefited a lot, and is facing a regularization from top to bottom. It is no longer the wild road that only sullenly charged. Nonsense, of course I know, otherwise why would you ask him to come over. Lord Lord rolled his eyes, don’t dwell here and get busy. Chapter 339 Sudden News Pre-war preparations are proceeding in an orderly manner. The group of Ripper soldiers was recalle