is weapon towards the opponent’s skull. The moment the giant sword and the iron axe collided in the night sky, there was a burst of thunder, and the series of sparks that suddenly came and died made the eyeballs who had adapted to the darkness feel dazzling. Richard’s mouth was numb, blood was flowing out wisps of khaki skin, and the huge sword made of fine steel with various stars and meteorites was also forcibly broken into a grain of rice. But the Ursa warrior was even more miserable. His iron axe was hit by a huge and irresistible force, and his handle was sinking deep into his face bones, and the blood flow was scattered with the rain in an instant. The tall and burly warrior like a little giant swayed for a while, without leaving a word, he staggered and fell to the ground without a breath. [Experience value +257], the small characters on the side of the field of vision slowly rise and fade. Nehru trembled and finished the fireball spell, only to find that Lord Lord had already brought the Barbarians and Ursa into a collision. The old kobold sneaked a glance at Hutt next to him, and his reason urged him to give up the tempting idea of ??a pot and shoot the formed fireball into the distance. He began to prepare for bloodthirsty thaumaturgy again. According to Nehru’s experience in tribal warfare, it is appropriate to use blessing spells at this time. As long as the main body of the blessing range falls on his side, it doesn’t matter a little bit to the enemy. . But Hutt suddenly stretched out his hand to hold his thin arm and forcibly interrupted the process that had just begun. What to do! Nehru was taken aback. Although the shaman’s spellcasting was interrupted, although he would not suffer backlash like a human mage, it was never a pleasant thing. The lord said, you can never use bloodthirsty thaumatism without his order. Hutt bit the word Absolute very hard, and his Kong Wu’s powerful body seemed very convincing. why? As soon as Nehru spoke the words, he knew that asking was a question for